100+ Things about me

Hi everyone. Today is a special day for me because I just turned 21. I’m surrounded by friends and people who love so I feel grateful and blessed. Since it took me a while to finally have the courage to be myself and to accept all my flaws, I figured that the best way to start with this blog was to let you into my world. I made a list of 100# things about me, the most random yet true stuff I could think about. If you have any questions left write them in the comment section and I will be more than happy to answer to them.

I wish you all joy and happiness and to be grateful for who you are !

1.  I was born on 17 September 1996 ( so you can pretty much start wishing me happy birthday)

2.  I’m a sociable person but very shy at first and that is why some people think I’m chesty

3.  I believe in the laws of the Universe

4.  My favorite holiday is Christmas but I hate Easter

5.  I tend to take things as well as myself too serious

6.  When I’m sad I like to listen to Michael Jackson

7. I love korean dramas. They’re all so predictable and they’re so cheesy but I can’t help it.

8. I developed a passion for make up that costs me more and more day by day

9. Although I am a singer, I never listen to music when I work or do something because it distracts me. When I listen to music i tend to pay attention very close to it

10. I’m a control freak.

11. I am a very curious person and it will probably kill me someday

12. I tend to give too much love to a person and then get frustrated when I don’t get it back

13.  My lucky number is 13

14. I love to bargain or negotiate and I’m very good at it

15. I lived one year in Germany as an exchange student and it turned me into a completely different person

16. I like to be very organized ( can’t help it, I’m a Virgo)

17. It took me 20 years to finally have the courage to be myself and not care what other people think about me

18. I make lists to keep track of everything

19. I decorated my whole room with favorite pictures I saw on Tumblr

20. I tend to live in the past, rewinding scenarios over and over in my mind

21. I’m not good with managing conflicts so I always say things out of rage that I regret sooner or later

22. I used to cry myself to sleep

23. I don’t like chocolate or anything sweet. ever.

24. I prefer a book or a tv show with a cup of hot tea than a night in the club

25. Harry Potter is my all time favorite movie, book, anything

26. I don’t like movies that don’t have a happy ending

27.  Every movie about the Nazi Era fascinates me

28.  My favorite comics were Witch. I collected them since the first came out in September 2003 along with all the books, dolls and merchandise available. I was a true fan.

29.  I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.  I also don’t agree with just one religion, I think they’re all right in some ways.

30. I am team Apple person no matter what.

31. I don’t like to make promises because then something happen and I can’t keep them

32. I believe love can either help a person grow into something beautiful or destroy it

33. I tend to cling to things, toxic people or situations

34.  I have such big dreams I am often scared to think about them

35.  I am a morning person

36.  I hate when people act entitled

37. I am the master of exaggeration, showing-off and drama

38. I really like editing videos in my free time

39. I wrote a SF book but never had the courage to publish it. Lately I started a new one about love

40. I’m a very selfish person but when I love someone I tend to forget about myself

41. I didn’t use to have an opinion on things because I was afraid it might upset someone

42. I tend to be superficial when I’m around other people so they won’t see how I really am and what am I actually thinking

43. I tried once to be friends with somebody who hated me for no reason

44. I believe in Karma. She is always around the corner…waiting

45. I graduated in Economics

46. I never watch TV

47. I don’t follow trends if I find them stupid just because everyone else does

48. I love Chinese food

49. I prefer Pesto Pastas over Carbonara or Bolognese

50. I hate wine, or alcohol for that matter

51. I was on a kids show when I was little

52.  I tend to apologize a lot even if its not my fault

53. My favorite fruits are raspberries

54. I love love love cinnamon

55. I’m not good with numbers or anything economical but I’m great at visualizing stuff and anything art-related

56. I took dance lessons for 5 years when I was little

57. I was in a choir for 13 years and traveled in more than 30 countries with it

58. I still eat cereals for breakfast

59. I really really like pork ribs

60. I have the most weird dreams ever. If someone would hear them, he or she would think that I’m taking drugs or something

61. I love going to Wien in December and hang out at the Christmas market

62. I think there is no better place than New York. I plan to move there at some point in life.

63. I hate cats, except black cats, but still hate them

64. I love the Egyptian mythology

65. I believe in auras and chakras and the power of meditation

66. I get cold very easily so I’m always over dressed

67. I love going to the cinema and eat popcorn. Salty, not sweet.

68. I like to fool around with people I’m comfortable with and they’re very close to me

69. I want to visit the whole world before I get old. And not just the big cities but the small villages full of culture and untouched by tourists

70. My nickname is Bubu

71. I sneeze like an earthquake, forget about keeping a lady appearance

72. I believe in destiny

73. I like to believe that coincidences have a hidden meaning

74. I used to have fantasies about meeting Johnny Depp but my mom kept telling me he is too old for me

75. I always expect the worst and I’m still disappointed

76. I love to watch interviews with artists  who started with nothing and struggled so hard when nobody believed in them. Seeing where they are now and how much success they have is very inspiring.

77. I love heights. Bungee Jumping and Skydiving are on my bucket list.

78. I see the world in shades of grey, never in black or white

79. My guilty pleasure is listening to old songs from Justin Bieber

80. I don’t like wearing jewelries

81. I have lots of conversations with myself arguing with what to do or what to say. Sometimes I do this out loud without realizing and notice people starring at me thinking I escaped from the madhouse.

82. I prefer mountains over sea

83. I am not sure what I want to do with my life

84. I’m not the fangirl type but I cried when i saw Jessie J live in London

85. I prefer rainy over sunny weather. I also love thunderstorms. I love to cuddle in my bed with a good book or a good movie while hearing and feeling the smell of the rain.

86. I sleep with a plushie dog and its name is Dog. I got when I was 2 so that explains the name. Now im 21. He has witnessed a lot and was always there comforting me. I know its just a toy but I really can’t sleep without it.

87. I have a 2 year old Yorkie and he was the best decision I have ever made.

88.  My favorite season is Fall. It looks like a painting wherever you go

89. I will always be a child at heart

90. I love Disneyland so much I chose to speak about their marketing strategy in my Bachelor’s degree

91. If I could have one superpower I would choose to be able to fly. Needless to say Peter Pan was my favorite character as a child, while everyone was too busy being a princess.

92. My favorite ice cream ever is cinnamon flavored ice cream from a Gelateria in Rome.

93. I used to play piano and guitar when I was little but it got to hard so I quit ( shame on me)

94. I used to hate german so freaking much and it took me 6 month to learn it properly while living there because I just couldnt bare to listen to the words. Now I kinda like it and watch some of their tv shows from time to time to be sure I won’t forget it. Doctor’s Diary is my favorite so far.

95. I was obsessed with Avatar – The Last Airbender

96. I don’t understand people who skip breakfast. I’m a foodie so I never miss a chance to eat.

97. If I had to pick a music genre to listen for the rest of my life it would be Jazz

98. I used to keep journals for a couple of years, especially when I lived in Germany but stoped after I got back because I was too afraid somebody might read them.

99. I can’t get a tan. i just get red. I tried. It’s hopeless.

100. I don’t eat fish, seafood or anything similar. I can’t stand to watch it, smell it or feel the taste of it.

101. I sleep better at hotels than in my bedroom where I get the chance to overthink everything, contemplating about the meaning of life

102. I can’t sleep during day time. I tried covering my eyes, I tried with curtains, I tried since I was a little kid in kindergarten. Nothing worked

103.  I bite my nails when I’m stressed without realizing what I’m doing, especially before an exam

104. I’ve been hurt so many times but I’m someone who is still looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love

105. I drive like im in GTA trying to get rid of the cops

106. My favorite gem is the Moonstone. It looks like nothing special until you catch its blue-purple reflections and it mesmerizes you

107. My favorite colors are black, baby blue and pink. i hate yellow and orange

108. I love to climb mountains or be in the forrest and breath in the fresh air and just sit there listening to the nature. I don’t have the chance to do it very often though.

109. i used to believe in feng shui and somehow that is why I now have a red corner in my room to attract dem moneys..so they say. or was it love ? i don’t know, i don’t have any of them yet haha

110. I have a big family yet somehow I spend holidays alone just with mom.

111. My closet is stuffed with clothes, yet i don’t seem to have anything to wear.

112.  I can wiggle my ears due to the fact that I wear glasses and they always slip down my nose and so I developed this important skill

113. I like the smell of gasoline, railway station, burned matches, fresh cut grass and rain of course.

114. I love Cola. I hate Fanta, Sprite or whatever else.

115. I sang in the church choir when I lived in Germany.

116. My blood type is 0 negative

117. I hate geography because of this teacher in 7th grade who hated me too

118. I took four years of french in highschool ( yes, in Germany too ) but somehow all I can manage to say is “Bonjour” and “Ton devoir pour aujourd’hui” (your homework for today)

119. I drink Starbucks daily. Not because it is the best coffee I’ve tasted ( surely not ) but because it feels like home ( one particulary Starbucks )

120. My next trip is going to be in Florence

121. I hate roller skating but I LOVE ice skating. It is my favorite sport. When I was little I wanted to do it professional and make a career out of it but my parents said no. Now I have to thank with watching the championships on TV.

122. I share my bed with my dog but sometimes he needs both my pillows

123. I hate credit cards because I can’t actually see the money flying out of my wallet so I end up spending too much

124. I hate everything about my body. I’m working on this matter

125. I hate talking on the phone. I prefer texting or face to face

126. I love buying socks and wearing a new pair every time I have an important day. Makes me feel more confident i don’t know why.

127. I hate children. They smell, they yell, they make my life a living hell.

128. I am insanely ticklish. Like just touch me and I’ll scream.

129. I love surprises ( as long as they’re good ones)

130. I visited Milan alone and it was pretty cool because in the first day I got there I made friends with a guy from Brazil and we went to visit some Museums together. Next days were the same, except different persons. It was nice to find people opened to socialize and share experiences with me.

131. I like to draw on the walls in the shower when its steamy.

132. I don’t like playing video games although when I was little I loved Harry Potter 1, Hercule and 101 Dalmatians.

133. I used to be sad not fitting in and not making friends easily because I don’t drink and go to parties all the time. Now I’m glad for it.

134. I’ve changed a lot over the year.

135. I took horseback riding lessons for 6 months and it was the most amazing thing ever. I never felt more connected with nature

136. I can’t sleep without a blanket

137. I had braces for 5 years but somehow my teeth are still stiff

138. I love swimming and scuba diving.

139. I’m not good at reading people. I can’t tell if they’re genuine nice with me or just fake nice.

140. I’m very insecure and when people have a bad mood I immediately think that it is my fault and that i have done something to upset them.

141. I used to believe my grandmother had magic powers and I wanted her to teach me.

142. I’m the kind of person that needs to be pushed from behind to get things done. I’m trying to change that

143. My favorite songs at the moment are “Scared to be lonely” from Dua Lipa, “King”, & “Take Shelter”  from Years & Years and “Havana” from Camila Cabello.

144. I also have my own song. It’s called “Low on love”

145. I like to write songs when I’m sad or in the shower.

146. I watched the whole Gossip Girl series more than 20 times. The first three times I was paying attention but then they were just background noise to get me asleep.

147. I love to play Sudoku

148. I used to play Chess with my father the whole time when I was little. I love Chess

149. I’m not good making decisions. If we talk about deciding whether I should buy this or that I can’t decide so I buy both. If we’re talking about a situation I usually wait for someone else to decide for me because I’m scared of choosing wrong

150. I still make wishes when I blow out the candles.

Did you manage to come this far? Man, you have a lot of time on your hands. Just kiddin’ 🙂 Thanks for baring with me through out the whole list, you’re awesome and I love you !

Until the next time, remember to stay true to yourself and kind to the world !