I’ll have a double shot Monday on ice

If you’re anything like I am and that means the most lazy person on the Planet, all that stuff on the Internet about how to make your Monday better won’t do you any good because Monday really isn’t your cup of tea. So make it a double vodka and put some ice with that.

I was reading and reading and couldn’t find my inspiration. Nothing made me feel inspired to write about this more that this two words : “Be genuine”. So dear men, my ladies, let’s cut the crap, we all hate Monday except for 2, maybe 3 entities that can not be called humans because they sure as hell come from another Planet, one where they love Mondays. So instead of letting you put too much effort into making the perfect Monday so you forget it’s even Monday ( yeah, like it’s ever going to happen) , I’m going to tell you some of MY tricks to make the day feel like a normal day ( not Satan’s day) or like the weekend is not even over.

  1. Don’t have an alarm that will make you curse your days and ruin your mood instantly. Like seriously, after that great weekend you had or at least your Facebook profile says you did, after all that drinking and partying, hearing that shitty alarm won’t make your day better. Another mistake you simply can’t do is putting your favorite song as your alarm. You will hate it. Period. I, for example, have a harp set as the alarm and wake up from the second it starts playing. I know now you think of me like one of the aliens I was talking earlier about, but try to keep it as simple and non-ruining-your-day as possible.


  1. Usually it takes me 20 minutes to be able to get out of bed or even open my eyes completely. It gets worse when I’m on holiday, like, up to 3 hours worse. It’s ok, we’re not all perfect. I found out that stretching is a very good method for me to feel more fresh. So instead of hearing my alarm and snoozing it for two hours, I start stretching and immediately feel invigorated. And believe me when I say that by jumping out of bed as soon as you open your eyes, without lingering in that nice and comfy bed of yours will make your day way more short and not so boring. I know it’s sounds crazy, maybe not human, but give it a try, you may have a pleasant surprise.


  1. The third thing, especially if you had a wild weekend and drank a lot like the crazy partier you are, is making sure you eat a good omelette with pickles if necessary to make that headache go away too. Add with that the good old coffee that you drink it anyways but instead put a double shot in it (just to be sure). If you don’t drink coffee, be generous with a large cup of green tee with some lemons or mint.


  1. Another thing that definitely works for me and I believe is true, is dressing up to stand out. So every day I feel like I’m not in a good mood but I have to go to meetings and get out of the house, I put a nice dress on me, or a really nice scarf and accessories (depending on the weather outside) or put some lipstick on ( and attack ). But remember that ultimately, “Self- confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it”.


  1. The last thing I do before getting out of the house and heading towards the day is making sure I have a sick playlist to feel like the world is mine and giving me a look in the mirror like  “Girl you got this”. Try to have a positive attitude because let’s be honest here…Monday is not such a bad day if you have the right mindset about it. its all up to you to make it less horrible by how you choose to look at it. Kill it with style.


Monday is not the same for everyone obviously. Sometimes there’s a lot to be done at work and the number of tasks is usually bigger and it feels like they take forever when all you can think about is Netflix and chill. Make sure you give yourself a break during the day and you’re not being too hard on yourself. That often leads to hating Mondays even more and we wouldn’t like that, right? In the evening go out with some friends for dinner so you won’t feel like weekend is definitely over and you have a long hard working week ahead of you. Above all, remind yourself that Monday is just one day a week so you can survive it in an epic way if you choose to do so, even if it’s a really bad, cold and unproductive Monday.


– O.


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