What does your Halloween costume says about your personality?


I love Halloween. It’s one of the best times of the year when you can read people based on the costume or make-up they have. Why? Because Halloween is the perfect excuse for people to dress how they really feel without feeling judged by anyone. It is the perfect opportunity for girls to dress like that one hot police officer they always fantasize to surprise their boyfriend with but they’re too shy to do it. Some people put some horns in their head and call it a night while others go full house and take it to the next level. If you look behind the “trick or treat” mask of these costumes, you can see right into people’s thoughts, dreams, and personality.

|Top Halloween costumes and what could be the reason behind them|

– The black cat –


Chances are, if you dress as a kitty cat for Halloween there’s going to be 30 more of you at the same party. Obvious explanation of your chosen outift would be that you’re misterious and fun to play with but you can also scratch the hell out of someone if they step on your tail. It also shows that you’re not such a big fannatic of Halloween, you just came for the party so you chose a safe outift to go with.

– Any type of scary costume : ghost, dead, zombie, skull bloody something, witch –

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 8.47.13 PM

Now now, let me guess. You painted a skull on your face so you must be a fan of “American Horror Story” and that boy Tate or Nate or whatever his name is. And you probably listen to Evanescence and feel like you have a special connection with the dark side especially around this time of the year because you know..spooky times call for spooky behaviours and costumes.

– Mexican sugar skull –


We got it. You love Coachella. You love Starbucks. You have 50k followers on instagram and you’re obssesed with hashtags. #livinhealthy #gym24/7 #lovemylife

You’re such a queeny queen so its only fair you stand out on Halloween night so people can see your true self. You drink two-three vodkas while screaming “dia de los muertos” in a rusty accent and faking a wonderful time by taking many selfies with lots of hashtags ofc! #sugarskull #mua #diadelosmuertos #besthalloweenever

– Police officers –


This goes for boys as well as for girls. If you dress like a police officer OBVIOUS you like the idea of being in charge. Women dressed as police officers are kind of hot and they give you an idea of how the chick behaves in bed. On the other hand when guys dress like police officers chances are they’re some big dickheads, fuckboys, call it whatever.

– Sad clowns / dolls / something –


If you’re wearing something sad for Halloween you’re either looking for attention or you’re depressed. None of these two options sound good so cheer up, have a drink, dance a little, its Halloween.

– Disney Princess/ Character –


You juuussst can’t let go of your sweet childhood memories can you? So you’re 25 and you come to a party dressed like Elsa and you don’t understand why boys are not hitting on you? Well babes, thats because they think you’re a todler looking for mommy.

– Harley Quinn –


Do I really need to say anything anymore?…. 2016 calls. Wants its costume back. If you see a girl dressed up as Harley Quinn in 2017 she probably lives in a cave or uses Internet Explorer.

– Zombies –


Perfect time to show the entire world how much of a fan of The Walking Dead you are. Oh and also, the perfect excuse to get out of an elaborate conversation without people knowing how dumb you actually are. “Sorry I don’t get it, I don’t have a brain I’m a zombie”

– The couples costume –

giphycopuple costumes.gif

You are the Batman to my Robin. The Holmes to my Watson. The Mickey to my Minnie. The what? Oh forget it..you got the idea. Yeah yeah, we got it. You came to the party with your significant other attached to your hip. No worries, none of us will hit on you two, no need making it so obvious that you’re together.

– Teacher –


Same as the police officer costume, if girls dress like bad bad teachers they probably want to give you a lesson. In bed. And you’ll probably have to score a 10. Ups.

– Maid –


Maybe its just me but this costume screams “I’ve been a naughty naughty girl so you should punish me”. Well, no need to say more.

– Tarzan or something that implies not havin’ to wear a shirt –


We got it baby boy. You live your life at the gym 24/7. Summer is over so Halloween is the perfect opprotunity to show those hot girls your “winter body”. Congrats on those abs, mind if I touch them?

– Historical person –


“I’m a smart and educated person so don’t bother me with pep talks. Let’s talk about quantum physics amd shit like that.”

In the end, people wear different costumes for different reasons. Ten people could wear the same costume and have a different meaning attached to it. What’s really important is to make sure you have a wonderful time with your friends on Halloween night and make sure you get a lil bit out of your comfort zone. Its spooky, but its exciting.


Happy Halloweeeeeen !

– O



5 thoughts on “What does your Halloween costume says about your personality?

  1. Omg I loved this! It was hysterical! I painted my face like Pennywise this year. I already saw tons of other people doing this, and I don’t usually like to do what everyone else is doing. However, it was super cheap to just buy some face paint instead of an actual costume this year, and it was an easy design to do. Plus, I really liked the movie.

    A friend of mine did the Day of the Dead sugar skull costume before. She is actually the farthest thing from your description. (Think opposite of the people who go to Coachella). However, that one really gave me a good chuckle because I think it mostly is pretty spot on, with a few exceptions. 😛

    I laughed so hard at the Disney description! This really was a good read. I like the humor behind it. 🙂


    1. So glad you liked it Britney !! Hehe, I would also draw a sugar skull on my face if I had enough talent 😂 But I will probably stick with a safe kitty cat. Two years ago I went as Harry Potter and I had a blast ❤️How bout you?

      Was IT good? I never got to see it although I always remind myself I have to 😂 I also wanted to do something more elaborated but was too lazy to buy paint 😂 Next yeaaarrr

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I grew up watching the original IT and loved it, but I really liked the remake as well. I actually think I prefer the newer version of Pennywise. He’s more creepy.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this, its so true. I’ve dressed as a cat/bat for like 3 years now because I’d rather the party to halloween itself! Great stuff!


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