Rome with my best friend? Prego !

Things you should know if you’re traveling to Rome !

It was my third time visiting the Eternal City but this time it was so magical because I traveled with my best friend *so exciting*. And what can be more fabulous than this? Of course I was a little bit nervous because I wanted her to have the best time so I planned the trip in advance with every possible detail in it.


I’m going to leave here some tips  that worked for me because everyone deserves the best time they can get in this wonderful city, filled with history and last but not least, PIZZA & PASTA !!

  1. What time of the year you should travel

Actually Rome is a fantastic destination on any time of the year but if you’re not the kind of person who loves crowds and can’t stand them, then it’s best if you avoid August or actually the whole summer period. We traveled on 23 September and it was still very crowded but we dealt with it like pros.

    2.   How to get from airport to the city center

It is very easy to get to the city center from the airport even if it is your first time in Rome. It doesn’t matter if you land on Fumicinio or Ciampino Airport but as soon as you get outside of it, you’ll see lots of buses waiting. Take the one that leaves you to Termini railway station. It costs about 7 euros , so cheaper than a taxi ( that’s 50 euros at least..) and you get there in 40 to 60 minutes depending on the traffic.

3.  When can you go visit the Vatican City

I know the first thing you want to do when you get there is go to Vatican City. Well, the first thing we did was to drink a coffee, then we went to Vatican. Personally it was a very stupid idea because we went on a Wednesday when the Pope was out for the audience and we thought the museum was going to be emptier and the lines smaller. It was quite the opposite so we had to take a fast pass because it seemed like the whole Earth was there. Last time I visited Rome we went on a Thursday afternoon and we waited on the line just 10 minutes and the Museum was quite empty too. So in my opinion, better do the Vatican Museum in the afternoon so you can actually see something and enjoy the beauty of it.

4.   Where should you eat

Careful with those jeans princess, you don’t want them to pop and wake up with a bigger size during the trip. One place I really loved in Rome was the Cin Cin Bar on Via Cesare Battisti. It was right next to Via del Corso in Piazza Venezia and you could ask for a table upstairs on the balcony and have the most amazing view ever. The food was exceptionally good too. Other than that we had some disappointing experiences with food in Rome so don’t assume all the food in Rome is good because you will be mistaken. Ask locals or at the reception of your hotel. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like eating pasta and pizza all the time I recommend  you switch to Gelato and you will not be in any circumstances disappointed. Two of the best Gelaterias I tried were Gelateria del Teatro on Via dei Coronari which is located a short walk from Piazza Navona and Giolotti which is said to be the best gelateria in Rome and its location is on Via Uffici del Vicario (Pantheon).

5.  Where should you stay

Most of the tourists that travel on a budget choose a hotel near the Termini Railway station. I stayed in that area two times now and I was very pleased. Truth to be said, any place will do as long as you have a hotel that is still on the tourist map because that means you can walk the distances from one place to another without having to use the metro or the bus. I only used to metro once in Rome when I went to Via Apia Antica because it was a lot further that what you see on the tourist map. So don’t you worry about the location of your hotel as long as you keep in mind this little detail.

Attractions you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Rome

FullSizeRender 5

You’ve seen the Vatican Museum and the great Colosseum by now or they are definitely on your list already. But what’s next ? I prepared for you my top favorite places that are 100% worth your while .

  1. Fontana di Trevi. It is my personal favorite attraction in Rome and I could stay there and simply look at it for hours. Don’t forget to throw a penny in it to make sure you will someday return to the Eternal City. I would recommend to visit it also by night and admire its greatness.


  1. Piazza Navona. Believe me when I tell you there are many squares in Rome but this is by far the most beautiful one. Take a seat to one of the cafes and just enjoy the street performers and the people walking by along with the beauty of the three fountains. You will feel like you’re part of a colourful painting, trust me.


  1. Via Appia Antica. If you stay longer make sure you take a day to go and visit it. Via Appia Antica is the old Roman Appian way and one of the oldest and most important roads still in existence. Take a walk in time and feel the roman vibes surrounding you with their greatness. Make sure to visit some of the catacombs like Catacomb of Callixtus and the Catacomb of St. Sebastian. Just remember not to take your stroll on a Sunday if you want to enter the sites, as that’s when the catacombs are closed.


  1. Galleria Borghese. In my opinion this is one of the best art galleries I have ever seen. The sculptures by Canova and Bernini and paintings by Carravaggio are breathtaking. If you go to Rome by all means, do not miss this gallery. Make sure to buy tickets online 3 or 4 weeks before because otherwise you won’t get any chance to visit it.


  1. Trastevere. Trastevere is Rome’s favorite neighborhood and has gotten quite a reputation among young people who come here to party and have a good time . With a charming medieval look and a fiery temperament, Trastevere is not one to disappoint. Whether you you choose to visit it by day and admire the labyrinthine streets, glittering mosaics and majestic churches or enjoy its lively nightlife along with bursting nightclubs, trattorias and bars, Trastevere is a must-see on your trip to Rome.


That being said, one thing that you won’t be able to avoid is…..falling in love with Rome. If it happens, make sure you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain to make sure you come back.

I would love to hear from you and your experiences in Rome, people you’ve met, places you’ve seen and your conversations with locals . I find that not all of them are nice but if you speak some words in italian and they see you struggling they make a happy face and their attitude is changed.

Also, if you would like to see the travel video I made with our adventures from Rome click here 🙂

Prego !



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